Light and color, as a subject, are used to explore feelings of awe and excitement felt during fleeting moments of celebration. Light is an intangible force, but through artistic processes, it can be captured and realized as tangible and physically felt. The act of celebration is a constructed experience, where we temporarily transform a space for amusement and spectacle. Ephemeral worlds are formed to investigate that construction and to convey lively moments happening within an environment.

     Vivid materials are chosen for their ability to react and reflect light, while others are chosen for their association to celebratory times. Worlds are created with these materials, then photographed, edited, cropped and collaged. These collages become references for paintings, which are transformed through shape and scale. Forms are stacked to create an illusion of depth, along with a play between soft and sharp edges. Each piece borderlines recognition and ambiguity, every day and otherworldly, abstract and representational.